Department of Botany

Department of Botany was established 1995, as the fifth UG course in unity women’s college Manjeri. The Dept. consists of 3 teaching, 1 non-teaching staff as well as three classes with sectioned strength of 36 each. The department is offering high quality education in plant science, in order that the students are equipped to engage meaningfully in any activity requiring Botanical expertise. The training given by the department provides knowledge and a comprehensive appreciation of plants at the organism, community and ecosystem level. The first batch came out in 1998. So far 13 batches had passed out from the department with excellent academic achievements. With 2008-2009 batches, the department claims the unique position of producing university ranks consecutively for 7 years out of 30 colleges offering B.Sc. Botany course in the University of Calicut.

Our Faculties

Our Vision

“To be the best under graduate Botany department in the whole of Calicut University. We aim to achieve this goal through the high quality education with highest level of honesty and professionalism”.


Our Mission

The mission of the Botany Department is to make the department, a center of excellence in plant science at undergraduate level to give quality education and research relevant to local, regional and national needs, to make students competitive.