Department of History Department

Every  college has to impart education for the betterment of the society. KAHM Unity Women’s College is also functioning with the aim of building the society through women education. The Department of  history of this institution is on it’s forward march. As one of the youngest member of KAHM Unity fraternity, the department has not a detailed history to tell. But still it is contributing much for the over all development of the Society and College in particular. We express our big thanks to all who have worked for building and shaping the department in it’s present form.We hope that Department  of History would flourish in the days to come, inside and outside our society.

The genesis of the department of history at K.A.H.M Unity Women’s College Manjeri,  is dated back to the time when  the college was established in 1991. The department started off initially as a one faculty department offering support for the B.A English programme.In 2001-2002 academic year, the department became a full fledged degree Department with the introduction of B.A History  programme with Political Science & West Asia  Studies as subsidiaries in the self financing stream. In 2009 academic year, a new curriculam ( CCSS ) has been prepared by Calicut University for Under Graduate programme in history. In 2010, the Department became an aided programme under the Government of Kerala.

On June 6 of 2011, first time in it’s history, three faculties were permanently appointed in the department. In 2013, Kerala Government has sanctioned M.A  History Programme for our department. As the youngest Department  of this institution. The Batchelor of Arts Degree in History, which is a three year programme, has been producing good soical beings who have good knowledge in the exact nature of the society and it’s issues. At present it has 4 faculties including a Guest Lecturer.

Our Faculties

Our Vision

The history department of K.A.H.M Unity women’s College Manjeri is aimed to provide proper understanding of social reality and thereby enrich the nation with a group of responsible citizens.

Our Mission

  1. to become the centre of academic excellence in the study of history in Malabar.
  2. to provide a comprehensive curriculum in the discipline of History that will meet the needs of students & society.
  3. to ensure proficiency of students in the basic knowledge of the discipline and to give training to enhance their analytical skill in understanding and resolving social issues.
  4. to develop a spirit of enquiry about the past.
  5. to conduct scholarly research that advances historical knowledge.
  6. to encourage it’s faculties to specialize in historical knowledge available to the university & the community.