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# Course Name Department Name Course Fee (in Rs.) Duration (in Hrs) Department Course Coordinator
1 Certificate Course on Cake Making Home Science 800/- 30 Ms. Prinyanka Pradeep
2 Certificate Course on Word Processing and Hardware Assembling Computer Science 500 30 Mr. P. Basheer
3 Certificate Course on Blog and Website Designing Computer Science 2,000/- 30 Mr. P. Basheer
4 Certificate Course on Fitness Physical Education 750/ 30 Dr. P. Zakir Ahammed
5 Certificate Course on Applied Numerical Skills Mathematics 500/- 30 Mr. V. Abdul Rof
6 Certificate Course on Computerized Accounting with Tally Commerce 900/- 30 Mrs. K. Shahla
7 Certificate Course on Hindi Vocabulary Enhancement Hindi 100/- 30 Capt. Dr. A.C. Meeradevi A.C.
8 Certificate Course on Understating Early Kerala History 600/- 30 Mrs. C. Jaseena
9 Certificate Course on Understanding Modern Kerala History 600/- 30 Mrs. C. Jaseena
10 Certificate Course on Basic Writing Course in English English 450/- 30 Mrs. M.K. Vineetha
11 Certificate Course on Making House Hold Goods from Rubber Latex Chemistry 800/- 30 Mrs. K.M. Suhada
12 Certificate Course on English Vocabulary Enhancement Course NCC 50/- 30 Capt. Dr. A.C. Meeradevi A.C.
13 Certificate Course on Craftmanship ED Club 500/- 30 Mrs. C. Haseena Jasmine
14 Certificate Course on Horticultural Techniques Botany 500/- 30 Dr. P. Deepa
15 Certificate Course on Modern Agricultural Technology Botany 1500/- 30 Dr. P. Deepa
16 Certificate Course on Kannada Speaking and Basic Writing English 500/- 30 Mrs. C.M. Reena


1. The certificate programme shall be composed of a schedule of activities with aim and objectives, learning objectives, subject areas, methods and methods of assessment.
2. The programme strategies must be appropriate to the educational level of students / candidates / participants being trained and the resources available in the country, feasible in terms of the amount of time and travel involved and relevant to the job.
3. Value based and skill oriented programmes are preferred to ensure an effective and pervasive phenomenon for all-round individual development and social transformation.
4. The certificate / diploma / programme shall be conducted over a period of 5 to 6 months in a non-academic setting with maximum of 25 hours and minimum of 10 hours.
5. All departments can adopt judicious selection criteria and decide intake capacity to the programme concerned.
6. A batch size is envisaged as not more than 25 Candidates and minimum of 10 Candidates.
7. A reservation of 20% is provided for SC/ST students.
8. SC/ST students may be provided fee relaxation.
9. students are restricted to pursue only one programme at a time.
10. Course coordinators are to be selected from the department itself to ensure conducive learning atmosphere.
11. Fee structure of the programme is subjected to the approval of the monitoring committee of the college.
12. 80% of the tuition fees shall be allocated to mitigate the running expense and 20% to other expenses.
13. Running certificate / diploma/ programme is mandatory for all disciplines.
14. Core and Complementary departments can envisage two programme in a year and one programme in a semester respectively.
15. The certificates will be issued by the college after successfully fulfilling the requirements and formalities of the designed programme.


 Students are restricted to register only one certificate course at a time.
 Fee should be remitted at the time of registration.
 Registration forms are available in respective departments & Registration Desk.
 Filled registration form must be submitted at the Registration Desk on or before the last day of registration.
 A batch size is envisaged as not more than 25 Candidates and minimum of 10 Candidates.
 A reservation of 20% is provided for SC/ST students for each course.
 Fee relaxation may be provided for SC/ST students.
 The certificates will be issued by the college after successful completion of the course.