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6th State Level Home Science Fest Melange 2019 (19th & 20th February 2019)

  • 6th state level Home Science Fest was Inaugurated by Honorable MP P V Abdul Wahab. The theme was ‘Food as a Weapon’.
  • Leena Leon , assistant professor , St. Teresa’s college Ernakulum, handled the scientific session “ food as a weapon”
  • Cooking Competition for college and house wives was organized.
  • Multi-tasking, vegetable carving and Jewellary designing competitions were also held for intercollegiate.
  • Newspaper craft, Fatafat (cooking competition) for school students was held.
  • Surprise cooking contest were held for staff of unity women’s college

List of winners

Master Chef- House Wives

  1. Mrs. Maimoona Kuttasseri , Malappuram
  2. Preethi Narukara & Muhsina K P
  • Abida Meleparambu


Delicia – Cooking Competition for College Students

  1. Noufiya Thasni, IV Sem FCS
  2. Nadha Fathima, Oriental College of Hotel Management
  • Akshitha R Hedge Oriental College of Hotel Management &

Hisana, IV Sem CS

Surprise Cooking Contest for TS & NTS

  1. Mrs. Rabeeba K, NTS
  2. Noushadali P K, Dept. of Arabic
  • Jasmine K P, Guest Faculty, Dept. of CS

Multitasking Competitions for College Students

  1. Najla Abdul Latheef, VI sem FCS
  2. Hiba K, II M.Sc HSC
  • Majidha Nasrin

Vegetable carving for College Students

  1. Jumana O, II M.Sc HSC
  2. Jasla

Jewellary Designing for College Students

  1. Mubashira O P, I M.Sc HSC
  2. Amjada Jabin, VI Sem Maths
  • Harsha C, VI Sem FCS

Fadafatt Cooking Competition for School Students

  1. Jalwa (HMYHSS, Manjeri)
  2. Nia Haiza (Nazrath School, Manjeri)
  • Suhaima (HMYHSS, Manjeri)

News Paper Craft for School Students

  1. Fathima Sherin & Nameesa Raihana (HMYHSS, Manjeri)
  2. Seena Subair (HMYHSS, Manjeri)
  • Rinad P.K (HMYHSS, Manjeri)

Intercollegiate competitions 19th February 2019

Multitasking Competition, Vegetable carving and Jewellary Designing for College Students

Three different competitions were arranged for college students which are multitasking Competition, Vegetable carving and Jewellary Designing.

Jewellary designing

Jewellary designing competition was conducted to college students. Competition was conducted by the Institute of Gem and Jewellary (IGJ). The theme was drawing floral necklace. 20 college students were participated and the time allowed for the competition was 1 hour. The necklace was drawn in the paper provided by the Institute of Gem and Jewellary (IGJ) by using color pencils. The developed design was evaluated by judges from the Institute of Gem and Jewellary (IGJ) faculties on the basis of innovative ideas, given theme, creativity, neatness and completion of the design. Mrs. Mubashira O P, FCS student of our college got first prize. Ms. Amjada Jebin and Ms. Harsha C of Unity College backed second and third prizes respectively. Diamond ring was awarded to the first prize winner by Clarus Jewellary, Perithalmanna.

Multitasking Competition

Multitasking competition was conducted. It was a theme based competition. Different tasks were arranged as part of multitasking competition. Each tasks should be completed. Tha given time was 15 minutes. Ms. Najla Abdul latheef of Unity Women’s College got first prize and Ms.Hiba. K and Ms. Majidha Nasrin got second and third prize respectively in the competition.

Vegetable carving

Vegetable carving was conducted with the aim of carving innovative items by using vegetables. The main vegetables allowed for the competition was watermelon and apple. Other vegetables and fruits can also use. 1 hour time is given to each participant to prepare their items. First prize backed by Mrs.Jumana odakkal of KAHM Unity Women’s College. Second prize got to Mrs. Jasla jasmine of KAHM Unity Women’s College Manjeri.

Cooking competition

            Cooking competition for both students and house wives were conducted as a part of home science fest-2019 melange. The task for cooking competition for the college students was preparing ‘mushroom based novel nutritious recipes’ and for house wives, it was ‘corn based nutritious recipes. 6 students and 4 house wives were participated in this competition. The time allotted for the competition was 1hr for both. Ms. Maimoona kuttasseri backed first prize among house wives category. Mrs. Preethi Narukara and Muhsina K P shared second prize and Ms. Abida Meleparambu got third prize and attractive gifts were sponsored by Impex Home Appliances.

Mrs. Noufiya Thasni of KAHM Unity Women’s college got first prize among student category. Ms. Nada Fathima of Oriental College of hotel management and culinary arts, wayanad backed second and third prize was shared by Akshitha R Hedge of Oriental College of hotel management and culinary arts, wayanad and Hisana Thasneem of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri got third prize.

Surprise cooking competitions for teaching and non-teaching staffs were also conducted. The task for surprise cooking competition was preparing innovative vermicelli upma. Allotted time for the competition was 15 minutes. Mrs. Rabeeba kormath, office staff, backed first prize. Mr. Noushadali P K, Dept. Of Arabic and Ms. Jasmine K P, Dept. OF Computer Science got second and third prize respectively.

Inter school competitions -20th February 2019

            Two competitions were conducted for school students which are vegetable carving and Fatafat cooking competition.

Newspaper craft

Newspaper craft was conducted with the aim of preparing innovative items by using newspaper. All the necessary items were brought by the candidates itself.  1 hour time is given to each participant to prepare their items. First prize shared by Ms.Fathima Sherin and Nameesa Raihana of HMYHSS Manjeri.  Second and third prize was got to Mrs. Seena subair and Mr. Rinad P K of HMYHSS Manjeri.

Fatafat cooking competition

Cooking competition for school students was also conducted. The aim of this competition was to prepare the maximum number of food items within a limited period of time. All the ingredients were provided to them and they have to prepare nutritious foods by using that provided ingredients. 15 students from different schools were participated and developed varieties of food items. Ms. Jalwa of HMYHSS Manjeri backed first prize. Second prize was backed by Ms. Nia Haiza of Nazareth School. Third prize was awarded to suhaima of GGHSS, Manjeri.