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Dr.K. Fousi

Personal Profile

Name Dr. K. Fousi
Department Zoology
Designation Associate Professor
Mobile Number 9446164197
Official Address Associate Professor, Dept. of Zoology, KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri
Residential Address Harafa House Pokkunnu P. O. Kozhikode -673007
Date of Birth 23/11/1971
Date of Joining 16/01/1997
Total Teaching Experience UG 21years 10 months
E-mail ID drkfousi@gmail.com
Subject with Specialization Applied entomology- Insect systematics

Educational and Professional Qualifications

# Degree Name Specialization University
1 M. Sc. Zoology with Wildlife biology University of Calicut
2 Ph. D. Applied Entomology University of Calicut
3 B. Ed. Natural Science University of Calicut

Refresher/ Orientation courses attended

# Type of Programme University/Institution Period
1 Orientation Farook College, Calicut 16-09-1999 to 13-10-1999
2 Refresher ASC, University of Calicut 26-1-2003 to16-12-2003
3 Refresher ASC, University of Calicut 01-12-2005 to21-12-2005
4 Refresher ASC, University of Calicut 02-01-2009 to22-01-2009

Seminars,Conference,Workshops/Symposia Attended

# Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Symposia Theme/ Title Resource Person/ Participant Organizing Institution Period
1 Seminar Life after the Deluge: Impact of the recent flood on Wildlife of Kerala Participant Govt. Arts and Science College, Calicut 30th &31st Oct. 2018
2 Workshop Bird Identification Participant Zoological Survey of India, Kerala Forests & Wildlife Department, Malabar Natural History Society 8th Mar. 2017
3 NAAC sponsored National Seminar Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Participant Malabar Christian College, Kozhikode 18th Feb. 2017
4 Science Congress 28th Kerala Science Congress Participant Kerala State Science Technology and Environment & University of Calicut 28th to 30th Jan. 2016
5 Seminar Computational chemistry Participant KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri 20th to 21st Jan. 2016
6 Seminar Quality in Higher Education: Nuances and Parameters Resource Person Govt. College, Malappuram 10th Mar.2014
7 Seminar Strategies for Quality Sustenance in Higher Education Participant Providence Women’s College, Calicut 23rd July 2013
8 Seminar Environmental management and its future perspectives Participant DGM MES College, Mampad 12 & 13th Feb.2013
9 Conference Principals of Women’s Colleges in Kerala Participant Sacred Heart College, Chalakudy 9th Feb. 2013
10 Seminar Maintenance of Quality in Higher Education Institutions: Prospects & Problems Participant Farook College, Calicut 7th &8th Feb. 2013
11 Seminar E-waste- A question of future Participant St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri 15th Oct. 2011
12 Seminar Harmful/ Beneficial insects of agricultural importance with special reference to the nuisance pest Luprops tristis in rubber plantations Participant St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri 17th & 18th Feb. 2011
13 Workshop Innovative pedagogy for laboratory exercises in zoology curriculum Participant Farook College, Calicut & Mahatma Gandhi Doerencamp Centre, Trichy 7th Oct. 2010
14 Seminar Role of Women in combating climate change Participant KSCSTE, Trivandrum & Department of Science and Technology 8th Jan. 2010
15 Science Congress Indian Science Congress Participant VSSC & University of Kerala, Kariavattom 3rd to 7th Jan. 2010
16 Workshop Capacity building for Women Managers in Higher Education Participant UGC& Centre for Women Studies, University of Calicut 4th to 8th May 2009
17 Workshop Bioinformatics Participant NIT, Calicut 1st Apr. 2009
18 Seminar Exploring New Frontiers in Nanotechnology & Biotechnology Participant SAFI Institute of advanced studies, Vazhayoor 2nd Mar. 2009
19 Workshop Restructuring Undergraduate Education Participant Kerala State Higher Education Council & ASC, University of Calicut 4th & 5th Dec. 2008
20 Seminar Medicinal properties of Botanicals Participant Mathoma College,Chungathara 28th & 29th Nov.2008
21 Workshop Climate change Participant Centre for Environment and Development 22nd Nov. 2008
22 Seminar Women in Science: A Career in Science Participant I.I.S.C.Bangalore & CUSAT 6th Apr. 2008
23 Workshop Enhancing classroom effectiveness of College teachers Participant IQAC, Unity women’s College 24th Feb. 2007
24 Seminar Environmental Laws Participant Malabar natural History Society 4th Jun. 2005
25 Science Congress 17th session of Kerala Science Congress Participant Kerala State Science Technology and Environment & KFRI, Peechi 29th to 31st Jan.2005
26 Seminar Mangrove diversity & conservation Participant Malabar natural History Society 4th Jun. 2004
27 Science Congress 16th session of Kerala Science Congress Participant Kerala State Science Technology and Environment & CWRDM, Calicut 29th to 31st Jan.2004
28 Seminar Modern aspects of molecular biology Participant Providence women’s college, Calicut & Regional Science Centre, Calicut 27th & 28th Feb. 2003
29 Workshop Modern trends and developments in Research methods and methodology Participant All Kerala Research scholars'association 19th Sept. 2000

Participation in College Level & University Level Academic and Co-Curricular Activities

1. 14 hours of teaching per week

2. Attended Centralised Valuation Camps & Centrally Monitored Valuation Camps

3. Taken internal invigilation duty and external examinership for both theory and Practical examinations of the University

4. Question setter for autonomous colleges

5. Steering Committee Coordinator, NAAC Re-accreditation (Cycle 2, 2014)

6. Coordinator, IQAC (2010-’13)

7. Coordinator, Research Cell (2007-’10)

8. Director, Fine Arts (2006-’07)

9. Secretary, Parent Teacher Association (2009-’10)

10. Coordinator, Compulsory Social Service Scheme (2003-’06)

11. Dean, Student Welfare (2008-09) & 2000-’01)

12. Member, Staff council (2010-’12)

13. Member, PTA Executive Committee (2010- ’12) (2003-’05)

14. In-charge of Students’ Handbook & Academic calendar

15. Member, Director Board, College Co-operative Store

16. Member, College Canteen Committee

17. Executive member& Life member, Malabar Natural History Society

18. Member, Technical Support Group, Kerala State Biodiversity Board(2017-2020)

19. As part of Science day celebration, Dept. conducted an exhibition for the school children of local schools to create awareness on science on 28th Feb.2005.

20. Attended a 6-day training programme on “Skill enhancement computer training” and selected as resource person for Women Resource Centre of Kerala state IT Mission from 21st to 26th

21. Engaged extension lecture on ‘Reproductive physiology’ for NSS students at SS College, Areacode on 24th Dec. 2012

22. Engaged extension lecture on ‘Environmental Disasters’ at Govt. Women’s Polytechnic College, Calicut on 14thMar. 2013

23. Part of one day photo and poster exhibition on ‘Wildlife and Energy conservation’organised at the college as a joint venture of the Department of Zoology & Nature and Eco club on 19th Jan.2017.

24. In collaboration with MNHS, Calicut distributed field guide for identification of common birds prepared by Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department & Social Forestry to the Nature club members in a function held on 16th Mar. 2017.

Research Experience: Thesis Details



Title Studies on the gregariousness and colour patterns of Acrida exaltata Walker
Subject Zoology
Title Studies on the Fig-Agaonid(Agaonidae:Hymenoptera)interaction with special reference to certain species of Ficus in Kerala.
Subject Zoology

Research Experience: Projects Details

Type Minor
Title Biosystematic and Distribution studies of Eulophidae (Hymenoptera :Chalcidoidea) of Malppuram district at the Generic level
Order No MRP (S)344/2005(X Plan)/KLCA 045/UGC- SWRO Dated 30/3/2005
Duration 2 years(2005-07)
Amount 1,00,000/-
Type Minor
Title Systematic studies and Biodiversity Assessment of the Superfamily Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera :Apocrita : Parasitica) if Malappuram District
Order No MRP (S) 319/08-09/KLCA 045/UGC- SWRO Dated 30/3/2009
Duration 18 months (2009-10)
Amount 1,55,000/-

List of Papers Published

# Name of the Paper Name of Journal ISSN / ISBN Issue, Year, Page
1 A new genus and a new species of Eulophidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from the rice ecosystems of central Kerala, India Journal of Ecobiology 0970-9037 14(20:137-141 (2002)
2 A new species of Eulophidae (Hymenoptera; Chalcidoidea) parasitoid on slug caterpillar pest, ContheylarotundaHampson Journal of Zoological Research 13(1) : 31-34 (2002)
3 A taxonomic study of a new genus of Eulophidae (Hymenoptera) from Southern Malabar (Kerala) Uttar Pradesh Journal of Zoology 0256971x 23(3): 223-228 (2003)
4 A newgenusof Tetrastichinae (Hymenoptera :Eulophidae) from Kerala Perspectives on Biosystematics and Biodiversity T. C. N. Commemorative volume 597-600 (2004)
5 A taxonomic study of Anaprostocoetus Graham (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) Oriental Insects 0030-5316 39: 273-280 (2005)
6 Parasitic interaction between non-pollinating and pollinating fig wasps of Ficus Geobios 0251-1223 36 (2-3) 197-199 (2009)
7 Olfactory attraction of fig pollinating wasps to their respective figs Scientia 0976-8289 36 (1); 50-52 (2010)
8 Scope of Eulophid parasitoids in biocontrol Proceedings of National seminar sponsored by UGC & DST 36 (2011)
9 Resource utilization in mutualist: Fig (Moracea) and Fig wasp (Chalcidoidea) Scientia 0976-8289 12(1): 85-88 (2016)

List of Seminar Proceeding Published

# Name of the Paper Name of Journal ISSN / ISBN Issue, Year, Page
1 Scope of Eulophid parasitoids in biocontrol Proceedings of National seminar sponsored by UGC & DST 36 (2011)

Books / Chapter Publication Details